Faruk Küçükaşik's research while affiliated with Bogazici University and other places

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Levan is a homopolymer of fructose with many outstanding properties like high solubility in oil and water, strong adhesiveness, good biocompatibility, and film-forming ability. However, its industrial use has long been hampered by costly production processes which rely on mesophilic bacteria and plants. Recently, Halomonas sp. AAD6 halophilic bacte...


... Exploring new renewable feedstocks such as agroindustrial wastes can be employed for the cost-effective production of EPS and will therefore potentiate the discovery of novel EPS with distinct properties (Freitas et al. 2010). In fact, there has been an incessant growing interest in developing culture media based on other sources of sugars such as industrial and agro-food wastes such as beet and starch molasses (Küçükaşik et al. 2011;Sam et al. 2011), modified sugar cane juice (Han and Watson 1992), and cane molasses and rice bran (Razack et al. 2013). These feedstocks are cheap, abundantly available, and carbon-rich, which enables them to be suitable for microbial cultivation. ...