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Presentation of research paper "Occlusion Management Techniques for the Visualization of Transportation Networks in Virtual 3D City Models".
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Transportation networks are important components of digital maps. The display of streets and railroad lines are a key for orientation and navigation using traditional and digital maps. While 2D digital maps enable effective communication, their visualization within 3D digital maps, based on virtual 3D city models, is often subject to occlusion that...


... Using 3D models of cities can result in problematic occlusion of geometry, which can be addressed specifically, often through manipulating that geometry itself (Chen et al., 2017a, Trapp et al., 2019. Not all applications require full 3D visualization, though, in part because of problems like these, and much of cutting-edge research in urban data visualization remains purely in the domain of 2D maps (Zhen et al., 2020). ...