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Selective fragmentation of geologic materials was performed on samples including granodiorite, quartz pebble conglomerate, amphibolite, ash flow tuff, and fossiliferous carbonate. Minerals and fossils of interest include zircon (igneous and detrital grains), apatite, amphibole, monazite, titanite, sanidine, and conodont tests. Each sample has corre...


... TEMORA 2 Zircon, Strong et al., 2015;Rubatto, 2007Rubatto, , 2009 HV Fragmentation • Coarser zircon recovery • Improved knowledge of grain size and zonation • Less loss of crystal surface features • 3D crystal study possible From Baxter and Scherer, 2013;Christensen et al, 1989. Effects of Inclusions • Preferential partitioning of Sm, Nd, Lu, Hf into garnet or inclusions alters bulk gt geochemistry • Incorporated low Sm/Nd phase-> false young age • Contamination from equilibrated low Sm/Nd phases-> false old age ...