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Videos have long been viewed through the free choice of customers, but in some cases currently, watching them is absolutely required, for example, in institutions, companies, and education, even if the viewers prefer otherwise. In such cases, the video provider wants to determine whether the viewer has honestly been watching, but the current video...


... Some specifically mentioned using what they had learned in the "real" classroom, echoing the work of Kearns [37], who found that the experience of teaching online had a positive impact upon the in-person teaching of some instructors. Others intend to move to a more blended approach in future, or at least provide recordings of lectures, which generally prove popular with students [38], although there are questions around whether videos that appear to have been watched actually have been [39]. Although a tenth of those who commented here volunteered unprompted that they never wanted to teach online again, this figure is largely in line with other findings on the experience of online teaching [40]. ...