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The development and management of health policies, strategies and guidelines (collectively, policies) in many low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) are often ad hoc and fragmented due to resource constraints a variety of other reasons within ministries of health. The ad hoc nature of these policy processes can undermine the quality of health pol...


... This study's findings highlight that policy-making for vivax malaria and likely for other anti-malarial guidelines is characterized by under documentation and complex and often time-consuming processes. In the medium to longer term, better integration of policymaking processes for malaria into the overall national health policy-making processes (assuming those exist) would potentially strengthen overall health governance and would address the limited connection between the NMP and the MOH in the policy-making process [76]. Thereby ensuring any guidance provided to NMPs to facilitate their decision and policy-making processes is institutionalized within the MoH and aligns with its overarching guidance on policy-making and national health strategies [77,78]. ...