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Drosera × corinthiaca Gibson and Green, the natural hybrid between Drosera aliciae Hamet and D. glabripes (Harvey) Stein is described, illustrated and named. It occurs in the Cape Province of South Africa.


... A floristically very similar vegetation type within the Fynbos Biome, the Overberg Sand-stone Fynbos, is found in the mountains from Bot River in the west to Bredasdorp in the east, including the Babylonstoring Mountains, the Klein rivier Mountains and Napier Mountain (Rebelo & al. 2006). The Fernkloof Nature Reserve in the Kleinrivier Mountains is particularly rich in Drosera: nine species and one natural hybrid have been recorded so far (Gibson & Green 1999). The narrow endemic D. slackii Cheek is confined to the Overberg, where it has been recorded from the Kleinrivier (Fernkloof and Phillipskop) and Kogelberg (Palmietriver valley) Mountains (see specimens examined; Bennett & Cheek 1990). ...