Emre Egriboz's research while affiliated with Tübitak Uzay and other places

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A global health emergency has been declared by WHO at the beginning of 2020 based on the increasing number of cases in the COVID-19 epidemic. Governments around the world have taken unprecedented measures. However, there is no guarantee that the measures taken are best to mitigate the effect of pandemic. We investigate the impact of government poli...
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Price forecasting is a challenging and essential problem studied in different markets. Many researchers and institutions, academically and professionally, develop future price forecasting techniques. This study proposes a data collection and processing pipeline to forecast the next day’s price of a product in business to consumer (B2C) markets usin...
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Objective: Covid-19 has rapidly spread to millions of persons worldwide. Governments strive to keep the deaths from Covid-19 and the intensity of healthcare as low as possible; meanwhile, the inevitable economic downturn caused by restrictions as low as possible. In this study, we explore optimal policies on mitigating the effect of the pandemic in...