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The exploration of oil and gas in fold-and-thrust belts (FTB) is considered a risky activity due to the complex of structural styles and the difficulty in analyzing the processes of migration, charge and preservation of hydrocarbons during the tectonic evolution of structures in such areas. A method that contributes to improve the understanding...
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A key event in the paleogeographic evolution of the Austral-Magallanes foreland basin was the Santonian-Maastrichtian continentalization, marked by the appearence of deltaic, fluvial and wetland sequences stacked on top of deep marine deposits. The expanding ecological niche was exploited by theropods and influenced the evolutionary history of dino...


... Deposition of the Santonian-Campanian Alta Vista and Campanian Tres Pasos Formations record continued deep-marine deposition and progradation of slope clinoforms southward in the forms of deepwater channel systems and continental slope mass-transport deposits (Macellari at al., 1989;Arbe, 2002;Shultz et al., 2005;Armitage et al., 2009;Romans et al., 2009;Hubbard et al., 2010;Daniels et al., 2018;Sickmann et al., 2018;Sickmann et al., 2019). In the northern (Austral) portion of the basin, muddy continental slope facies of the Alta Vista Formation are overlain by shallow to marginal marine deposits of the Campanian La Anita Formation (Macellari et al., 1989;Arbe, 2002;Moyano Paz et al., 2018;Sickmann et al., 2018;Ghiglione et al., 2021). ...