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Efforts to restore river ecosystem connectivity focus predominantly on diadromous, economically important fish species, and less attention is given to nonmigratory, small-bodied, benthic fish species. Data on benthic fish swimming performance and behaviour in comparison with ecologically similar native species are especially relevant for the study...


... Researchers have adopted U crit experiments to determine the swimming performance of many fish species (e.g., Laborde et al., 2016;Tan et al., 2021). Nonetheless, the U crit protocol as defined by Brett (1964) may be inappropriate for studying swimming performance and determining how it relates to upstream migration in benthic fish as they may not actively swim throughout the U crit test (Egger et al., 2020;Gilbert et al., 2016;Parisi et al., 2020;. For this reason, many researchers have adopted species-specific modifications of Brett's (1964) U crit by varying the time intervals and velocity increments of the test (Beamish, 1978;Dalziel & Schulte, 2012;Downie & Kieffer, 2017b;Farlinger & Beamish, 1977;Fisher & Leis, 2010;Illing et al., 2021;Kolok, 1999). ...