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In this study, we surveyed students in a mid-sized university in southern Ontario, Canada to determine their use of a large variety of computer-based technologies. The survey included three Likert scale indicators, one for assessing Importance of Use, one for Frequency of Use and the other for Confidence of Use. Findings indicate that, in general,...


... In terms of the computational category, most students employed these applications for educational purposes, but did not value them highly in large numbers. Interestingly, in a paper on another aspect of this study, Partosoedarso, DiGiuseppe, vanOostveen, and Desjardins (2013) reported on the "frequency" and "confidence" with which students used these computational applications, and indicated that the students tended to use these applications infrequently, and possessed relatively little confidence in their use. Taken together, these and the current findings suggest the need for more research in this area, including qualitative case studies to help determine why students tend to value such potentially academically useful ICT applications so low; why they tend to use them so infrequently; and why they tend to have such little confidence in their use. ...