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Traditionally, the data plane has been designed with fixed functions to forward packets using a small set of protocols. This closed-design paradigm has limited the capability of the switches to proprietary implementations which are hardcoded by vendors, inducing a lengthy, costly, and inflexible process. Recently, data plane programmability has att...
To automate the collection and analysis of relevant data to infer unsolicited IoT devices and their hosting environments, in near real-time, the automated platform is developed. In this chapter, the core functions, their implementation design, and performance are discussed and evaluated.
In this chapter, concluding remarks are given, and several research challenges and topics that aim at paving the way for future work in the area of IoT security are presented.
Although a plethora of security mechanisms currently exist aiming at enhancing IoT security, many research and operational problems remain unsolved, raising various concerns and thus undermining the confidence in the IoT paradigm. To put forward a new perspective related to IoT security, in this chapter, the taxonomy of IoT vulnerabilities in the c...
The IoT vulnerabilities undoubtedly open the door for adversaries to exploit the devices. In this chapter, a concrete, first empirical perspective of Internet-wide IoT exploitations is given, and the design, implementation and empirical evaluation of an approach for inferring Internet-scale IoT exploitations are presented.


... It is hard to protect thousands of new communications and endpoints, each of which with its features and firmware to update, against every potential threat [3,12]. This raises the need for implementing a more effective and proactive security approach such as threat intelligence (TI) [13,14]. TI refers to any evidence or event-based knowledge about potential attacks that highlight the risk landscape [15]. ...