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Gaps in accessibility force students from historically marginalized backgrounds to navigate academic spaces, such as conferences, with minimal support. However, the large shift to virtual platforms has opened up a path toward inclusivity by offering more flexible involvement options and new opportunities for students to engage with research profess...
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Ecological conferences provide a unique opportunity for scientists in the field of ecology to develop meaningful connections and exchange research in a rapid, multi‐day, in‐person format. For students and early‐career researchers, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds, in‐person conferences are challenging to attend due to the burdens...


... Most importantly, none of the online meeting platforms have been able to match the level of interaction and networking that would take place in a physical event. 12 In many seminars, the participants are not even able to see who the other participants are. Therefore, there is no opportunity for the participants to share ideas or even pleasantries during a coffee break. ...