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Managing the critically endangered Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae) needs accurate information on its abundance and availability of prey at the landscape level. Bukit Rimbang Bukit Baling Wildlife Reserve in central Sumatra represents an important area for tigers at local, regional and global levels. The area has been recognized as a long-...


... Bukit Rimbang-Bukit Baling is one of the prioritized conservation areas in Indonesia and was considered a Wildlife Reserve region by the Forestry Minister (Decree No. SK.3977/Menhut-VII/KUH/2014) in 2014 is located in two districts, namely Kampar and Kuantan Singingi, Riau Province. This area is known for its high biodiversity and serves as a vital conservation center for Sumatran Tigers (Panthera tigris sumatrae), which is a long-term priority area in Tiger Conservation Landscapes (TCL) (Widodo et al. 2017). The Bukit Rimbang-Bukit Baling Wildlife Reserve provides many ecosystem services that are critical to life, particularly for humans. ...