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Given the inherent difficulties of develop preventive maintenance plans appropriate to the use of equipment, this paper presents a methodology based on the minimum cost criterion for determining the optimal intervals of preventive maintenance as a function of the equipment use. The optimization of the model developed was carried out through the use...


... Maintenance is today a strategic area of development and is an important factor in the sustained growth of economies and their competitiveness. The performed maintenance activities proactively using means of detection and isolation of faults in real time will be a key contribution to The rapid technological innovation characteristic of contemporary economies has introduced increasingly sophisticated means of production, which translates into heavy losses whenever there are unscheduled outages, with a decisive impact on the profitability of companies (Tont et al, 2008) This reality requires the Maintenance to adopt a new, multidisciplinary, systemic position and concerned with achieving high periods between operational failures, as well as reducing the periods necessary to carry out the corresponding repair interventions for equipment and systems (Abreu et al, 2015). ...