E. R. Tufte's scientific contributions


... The designer can't view communication as complete until the intended audience can understand the messages. A number of authors have offered design principles, a kind of "fundamental truths" in different areas of design, such as data graphics (Tufte, 1983, p. 105), general design (Rowland, 1993;Shadrin, 1992;Tufte, 1983), message design (Pettersson, 1993(Pettersson, , 1997Wileman, 1993), instructional design (Lohr, 2010;Ragan, 1999, 2005), instructional message design (Fleming and Levie, 1993), and information design (Lipton, 2007;Pettersson, 2002). Some of these message design principles are rather broad and general, while others are quite specific. ...
Reference: 11. It Depends