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Ice meteors have been reported falling form the skies since the 19th century. The consensus of opinion is they are not meteors at all, but formed under unusual atmospheric conditions effecting the troposphere. Some scientists believe, however, that ice meteors, i.e. Megacryometeors, have an extraterrestrial origin. A review of the literature and ar...


... It is highly like that ejected water, rock and soil may become comets or orbit the solar system as frozen rivers, lakes and ice-meteors (Beech, 2006;Martinez-Frias et al. 2006;Orellana et al.2008;Snyder & Joseph, 2015). Some of this ejected mass and frozen water would eventually fall back to the planet from which they were ejected (Beech, 2006;Martinez-Frias et al. 2006;Orellana et al. 2008). ...