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The emergence of the global administrative sector and its new forms of knowledge production, expert rationality, and standardization, remains an understudied topic in science studies. Using a coproductionist theoretical framework, we argue that the mutual construction of epistemic and legal authority across international organizations has been crit...


... Although the Codex Commission was established as an informal standard setting organism decades before the World Trade Organisation Agreements came into force, the designation and adoption of the Codex as a global reference point in the global trading system catalyzed a shift in the Codex's legal status: that which had previously been a voluntary exercise gained a compulsory character and political importance. 43 Design Limitations and Considerations Some argue the Codex suffers from a democratic deficit: member states lacking the capacity to implement standards are often also unable to participate in standard setting activities or to be Chairs for the same reason. 44 The underrepresentation of consumer interests and overrepresentation of industry within the observers and national delegations at the Codex has also been flagged. ...