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SUMMARY The last decade has brought many innovations to cooperative park management approaches used by park agencies and aboriginal peoples. This paper briefly reports on cooperative management efforts in six northern Canadian national parks, Wapusk, Nahanni, Tuktuk Nogait, Kluane, Vuntut and Auyuittuq, and two US national parks, Grand Canyon and B...


... At the world scale, the involvement of local populations has become one of the major issues in the preparation of conservation policies, if not development policies. Studies of the decisive role of public participation in reaching decisions concerning the management of protected mountain areas are particularly numerous, giving rise to an abundant literature produced by planners and managers as well as academics (Beltrán, 2000; BorriniFeyerabend et al., 2002; Geoghegan & Renard, 2002; Halpenny et al., 2004; Borrini-Feyerabend et al., 2004; Brown et al., 2004; McNeely, 2005; Depraz, 2008; Héritier & Laslaz, 2008). The question of participation may be examined in terms of two types of development. ...