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The article illustrates some fundamental thesis about the Internet and its structure as a world of ends. Translated into Italian by Maria Chiara Pievatolo.
From the Publisher:The Cluetrain Manifesto burst onto the scene in March of 1999 with ninety-five theses nailed up on the Web. Within days, had ignited a vibrant global conversation challenging sacred corporate assumptions about the very nature of business in a digital world. Soon, executives across the country were lining up to s...
The article illustrates a fundamental thesis about the Internet and its structure as a world of ends.


... The agile sales team can inspire meaningful interactions between customers and selling organizations, a compelling competency in that it greatly enhances the value of these exchanges (Levine et al., 2001). Agile sales teams tend to see variances and changes in their environments as opportunities rather than threats-the sales team that exhibits a high degree of agility is able to anticipate changes in customer accounts and strategically respond to such changes (Chonko & Jones, 2005). ...
... The four main reasons why digital policy has been so bad have been summarized as: (1) Governments don't understand the Internet; (2) Governments don't understand the entertainment industry; (3) Governments don't understand law; and (4) Governments don't understand privacy (Bernal, 2012). Some authors had already long ago proclaimed that governments are stuck in a Repetitive Mistake Syndrome due to their poor understanding of what the Internet is (Searls and Weinberger, 2003). The fact that many of the countries that signed ACTA subsequently backed out and the ambassador of Slovenia issued a formal apology confessing that she signed due to "civic carelessness" certainly did not help disprove such claims. ...