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For Germany's neighbours, the 1990 reunification of divided Germany has raised old memories and new concerns in public and scholarly discourse. The shape and influence of these issues are the subject of this book.


... In subsequent years, other analysts have argued along similar lines (Bergner, 1993; Smyser, 1993:27-37; Treverton, 1993; Gordon, 1994 Gordon, , 1995:101-108). Although many of these non-German analysts grant that Germany's "postmodem conception of sovereignty" (Anderson and Goodman, 1993:62) will continue to influence its identity and foreign policy in significant ways (Pond, 1992; Duffield, 1994; Le Gloannec, 1994; Livingston, 1994; Sperling, 1994; Young, 1994), they are generally more skeptical about the adequacy of the German self-image (Trautmann, 1991; Verheyen and Soe, 1993). Not all would go as far as Gary Geipel (1993: 19), who noted that "to take the German elite at its word is to drown in the latest conventional wisdom." ...