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The genus Salsola L. (Russian thistle, Saltwort) includes halophyte plants and is considered one of the largest genera in the family Amaranthaceae. The genus involves annual semi-dwarf to dwarf shrubs and woody tree. The genus Salsola is frequently overlooked, and few people are aware of its significance. The majority of studies focus on pollen mor...


... Extracts and decoctions of plants of this genus are used in world folk medicine to treat bacterial and viral, cardiovascular, skin diseases, coughs and flu, and in cosmetics [2]. Previously, several biologically active compounds were isolated from different types of Salsola: flavonoids, phenolic acids, saponins, triterpenes, lignans, sterols, fatty acids, alcohols, alkaloids, coumarins, as well as nitrogenous cyanogenic, isoprenoid and sulphur-containing compounds [3][4][5][6][7]. Most of these studies focus on phenolic compounds (PCs), which attract a lot of attention because of the great antioxidant activity. ...