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Almost three decades ago, cultural geographer Richard Pillsbury documented the national expansion of NASCAR and what he considered the erosion of major-league stock car racing as a unique southern tradition. This claim is reassessed in light of recent research, leading us to suggest that the sport is actually “transcultural” in nature. It is influe...


... Despite extensive research on the geographies of sport (for a multi-sport overview see Koch, 2017; for specific US sports, see Alderman et al., 2003;Wise & Kirby, 2020), and specifically football (Baker, 2018;Conner, 2014;Lawrence, 2016), there is only limited examination of the names of the venues in which these activities are, quite literally, played out. In relation to football stadia naming, such work (see Church & Penny, 2013;Vuolteenaho & Kolamo, 2012; 2019, on which this paper builds) is grounded in critical toponymy (Rose-Redwood et al., 2010). ...