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Obsessive and Compulsive Symptoms (OCS) or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) in the context of schizophrenia or related disorders are of clinical importance as these are associated with a range of adverse outcomes. Natural Language Processing (NLP) applied to Electronic Health Records (EHRs) presents an opportunity to create large datasets to fac...


... 22 NLP has already created opportunities to analyse large textual data sets and can now accurately detect mentions of complex phenomena such as suicidality [23][24][25][26] and obsessive compulsive symptoms. 27 This study seeks to answer the question of whether an NLP application can derive information on the similarly complex and broad construct of adolescent mental health patient online activity. This will have implication for researchers wishing to undertake large-scale epidemiological research as well as clinicians who could use this personalised data to inform patient care. ...