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An examination of model validation practices in the peer-reviewed transportation literature published between 2014 and 2018 reveals that 92% of studies reported goodness-of-fit statistics, and 64.6% reported some sort of policy-relevant inference analysis. However, only 18.1% reported validation performance measures, out of which 78% (14.2% of all...
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In this article we reviewed validation practices from the transportation field in the peer-reviewed literature of the past five years. We found that although 91% of studies reported goodness of fit statistics, and 66% reported some sort of policy-related inference analysis, the percentage of validation reporting stood at 17%. Stronger criteria are...


... A high degree of internal validity is necessary already in early stages. This not only includes measures to reduce the risk of bias such as randomization [13] and blinding [14], but also the use of validated methods that measure outcomes with low bias and high accuracy [15] (Table 1). To promote generalizability of results beyond the single experiment, external validity needs to be increased for example by investigating or systematically introducing sources of variation through systematic heterogenization. ...