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Only two substantial tetrapod footprint assemblages of Mississippian age are known: Tournaisian Blue Beach and Hurd Creek Members of Horton Bluff Formation in Nova Scotia, Canada and late Visean middle member of Mauch Chunk Formation in eastern Pennsylvania, USA. The older Horton Bluff assemblage is from brackish to freshwater lake-margin sediments...


... We know however that, notwithstanding the primitive construction of most of the fossil tetrapods present at Blue Beach, some of these animals was at least occasionally terrestrial from the footprint data from various beds at the locality [46]. These data additionally point to fossil tetrapods not currently known from body fossils, including potentially small, clawed forms and other trackways similar to ichnotaxa attributed to temnospondyls elsewhere [70]. At present, the Blue Beach fauna is clearly composed of forms firmly on the tetrapod stem, consistent with other localities of similar age. ...