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The process of demographic ageing has caught the whole world and so this trend does not miss Montenegro as well. However, the indicators of the demographic ageing express the definite regional differences. The rate of natural growth in Northern region has crossed from the high to the negative, and in the Central and Southern region has crossed from...
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INDICATORS OF THE REGIONAL DIFFERENCES IN THE AGEING POPULATION OF MONTENEGRO M. Brajuskovica, D. Brajuskovicb, D. Mijanovica and V. Spalevica * a Faculty of Philosophy, Geography, University of Montenegro, Niksic, Montenegro b National Parks of Montenegro, Podgorica, Montenegro * Corresponding author email address: velibor.spalevic@ac.me Abstrac...


... Taking this into account, almost all of Montenegro can be considered rural. Looking at the three regions of Montenegro (northern, central, and southern), and according to the OECD methodology, the northern region covers 13 municipalities and is predominantly rural (in rural areas lives 59.7% of the population), while the southern coastal and central regions (41.7% and 20.4%, respectively) are considered transitional [12][13][14]. ...