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Divergent interests, expertise, and language form cultural barriers to communication. No formalism has been available to characterize these “cultural holes.” Here we use information theory to measure cultural holes and demonstrate our formalism in the context of scientific communication using papers from JSTOR. We extract scientific fields from the...


... It is especially prevalent in scholarly writing, where researchers use a rich repertoire of lexical choices to communicate. However, niche vocabularies can become a barrier between fields (Vilhena et al., 2014;Martínez and Mammola, 2021;Freeling et al., 2019), and between scientists and the general public (Liu et al., 2022;August et al., 2020a;Cervetti et al., 2015;Freeling et al., 2021). Identifying scholarly jargon is an initial step for designing resources and tools that can increase the readability and reach of science (August et al., 2022a;Plavén-Sigray et al., 2017;Rakedzon et al., 2017). ...