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The population of older consumers is growing significantly worldwide as well as in South Africa. Although they have been labelled as vulnerable consumers with less financial freedom, due to their rapid growth in numbers, they have become an important, often overlooked market segment with the likelihood of increasingly more buying power. Changes tha...


... It is imperative to say that since 2006, few studies on perceived garment quality followed till nowadays, and these studies usually worked with a narrowly determined profile of respondents (e.g., older women in the studies of Du Preez et al., 2018;Coelho, 2016; or students in the study of Pujara & Chaurasia, 2010; college students in the study of Gitimu et al., 2013; or female students in the study of Salerno-Kochan & Turek, 2021) or were also dealing with particular types of clothing products (e.g., a study of Park, 2015, who surveyed college students to determine criteria for evaluating the quality of organic clothes). These studies, apart from other non-common results, also tended to support the idea that quality is a multidimensional concept. ...