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We outline a new and improved uncertainty analysis for the Goddard Institute for Space Studies Surface Temperature product version 4 (GISTEMP v4). Historical spatial variations in surface temperature anomalies are derived from historical weather station data and ocean data from ships, buoys, and other sensors. Uncertainties arise from measurement u...


... Based on the JRA-55 and ERA5 reanalysis products and Goddard Institute for Space Studies surface temperature (GISTEMP) observations (Lenssen et al., 2019), a strong early summer surface cooling trend can be seen in June during 2010-2020 ( Figure 1a). This significant cooling trend covers a large area of NEA between 45°N and 60°N and from 120°E to 150°E (Figure 1a), exhibiting a sharp contrast to the surrounding warming conditions over northern Russia and the midlatitude northwestern Pacific. Figure 1a shows the results derived from the JRA-55 reanalysis product. ...