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This research concerning the South Pacific Ocean shows the 10-year and interannual variability of extreme cyclones (categories 4 and 5). The intensity of these cyclones has been reanalysed on the basis of GMS, GOES and NOAA satellite images with the Dvorak technique. In the period 1980–2016, 63 cyclones reached categories 4 and 5. During the decade...


... Illustration 1 -Cyclonic activity and its human impacts. Territories studied in this issue 3 According to IPCC forecasts, cyclones will not be more numerous but more powerful in future years, even if the recent past does not always corroborate this trend, particularly in the western Pacific (Hoarau et al., 2018). There is also the question of the expansion in latitude of the area affected by these phenomena (Pilon et al., 2017). ...