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RESUMEN: La caminabilidad de calles o barrios puede ser evaluada de dos formas: por medio de modelos, usando bases de datos geográficas sobre el uso de suelo, tal como lo hace Walkscore.com, o a través de encuestas focalizadas en peatones. Ambas evaluaciones de caminabilidad ayudan a planificar barrios con mejor accesibilidad, diseñar intervencione...


... Moreover, it would be relevant to examine how older people move and access opportunities individually, and to what extent their mobility is related to and motivated by their access to relevant services and equipment. Such analysis would benefit from the use of different research methods, be they walking interviews [29][30][31], apps [94], surveys [95], or measurements with GPS devices and accelerometers [96,97]. In general, it would be important to consider the access to healthy food as a multi-scale issue, involving not only the metropolitan scale here examined, but also neighborhoods and public spaces like streets and squares. ...