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OpenFlow is a vendor-agnostic API for controlling hardware and software switches. In its current form, OpenFlow is specific to particular protocols, making it hard to add new protocol headers. It is also tied to a specific processing paradigm. In this paper we make a strawman proposal for how OpenFlow should evolve in the future, starting with the...


... The advent of fully programmable switches [20,21] and high-level programming languages [22] has solved the problem of poor scalability of traditional switches. Nick McKeown proposed programming protocol-independent packet processors (P4) [23] and the corresponding forwarding model [24,25] that allows administrators to customize the packet-forwarding behavior of switches and improve the programmability of data plane and the flexibility of packet processing. Signorello proposed NDN.P4 [26], which first implemented the native NDN packet parsing and forwarding function in the software switch [27] by using P4_14 [28]. ...