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THERE ARE LOTS OF REASONS why we're not all driving electric vehicles now. You've probably thought of two or three already, but let me add one that I'm sure you haven't. It's a big obstacle to EVs, and it's rarely remarked upon.


... For example, China's latest fuel regulation policies mandate a 25 km/l goal for heavy-duty vehicles beyond 2025. These technologies include but are not limited to the use of variable valve timing [9], fuel injection [10], turbocharging [11], etc. Future technologies for reducing GHG emissions include novel engine concepts like Octane-on-Demand [12,13], pre-chamber combustion [14], mixed-mode combustion [15] [x], and spark-assisted compression ignition [16], among several others. In the US, 11 passenger car models have EPA rating of 50 mpg or higher (9 out of 11 being midsize or large cars), signifying the immense benefits to be gained by adding electrification to existing ICEs, by hybridization [17]. ...