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Mangrove forest patches and plantations with known age of plantation along both western and eastern coast of India were sampled for estimation of standing biomass and C stocks. A sample plot of 0.1 ha (1000 m²) was laid in each patch depending on the contour of the patch. All woody stems >1 cm dbh were identified, measured for size and heights were...


... Mg ha − 1 ) in site 3. Relatively higher mean DBH for Avicennia marina (24.8 ± 4.44 cm) and Bruguiera cylindrica (23.66 ± 13.90 cm) were measured at site 2, resulting in higher above-ground and below-ground biomasses (p < 0.05) than the other two sites(Table 1). Earlier,Suresh et al. (2017) recorded 132.83 ± 97.5 Mg ha − 1 biomass from central Kerala, while Vinod et al. (2018) reported 236.56 t ha − 1 biomass from Kadalundi mangroves (North Kerala). ...