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Should engineering focus on trying to attract more women when it's young people who are turning away? Also, have you thought about seizing hold of the Long Tail?.
Bond. James Bond. A name as famous as any in fiction. Ian Fleming, at the time a middleaged journalist, created his hero in 1952. In addition to Fleming¿s 12 novels, Bond went on to become an iconic film franchise, a global brand, and perhaps the person whom many men would secretly most want to be.
THIS MONTH, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is holding a summit on the nation¿s current and future emergency alert systems, including ways to make best use of mobile phone services


... In a situation where students obviously would not be making oral phone calls, students with a Samsung phone could use their phone's SOS function. Sandham (2008) explained "if you press the volume button a certain number of times, even when the keypad is locked, a text message is sent to a nominated friend warning them you are in danger" (p. 11). ...