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Historic areas (HAs) are highly vulnerable to natural hazards, including earthquakes, that can cause severe damage, if not total destruction. This paper proposes methods that can be implemented through a geographical information system to assess earthquake-induced physical damages and the resulting impacts on the functions of HAs and to monitor the...


... In the post-processing of data, the Geographic Information System (GIS), also implemented on web platforms [48], is a common choice for the spatial representation of damage and vulnerability data at both the urban (see, e.g., [22,23,43,49]) and regional scales. Examples of the application of such a system are the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) [50], the HAZUS-MH platform [51], the CAPRA Probabilistic Risk Assessment Platform [52], and the ARCH DSS WebGIS Decision Supporting System [53]. Web mapping platforms can also support the assessment through simplified evaluations based on visual inspections, provided the accuracy of the observations and the dimension of the inventory comply with the evaluation purpose [54]. ...