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Chondrule textures depend on the extent of melting of the chondrule precursor material when cooling starts. If viable nuclei remain in the melt, crystallization begins immediately, producing crystals with shapes that approach equilibrium. If not, crystallization does not occur until the melt is supersaturated, resulting in more rapid growth rates a...


... Dynamic crystallization (cooling rates) experiments have successfully reproduced chondrule textures and therefore, until recently, provided the main constraints on chondrule thermal history, including peak temperatures and cooling rates of chondrule melts (Hewins et al. 2005;Desch and Connolly 2002;Desch et al. 2012;Jones et al. 2018). Nucleation and growth theory states that spontaneous crystallization from a melt will not start at saturation but only when the solution becomes supersaturated. ...