Clifford. Mushishi's research while affiliated with Harare Theological College and other places

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This research aimed to find out the actual situation on the ground regarding what mainline Christianity is actually doing in confronting or conforming to biblical and cultural norms regarding the role and position of women in their denominations. It is based on six mainline churches. This field research reveals that it may not be enough to concentr...
Summary in English. Word processed copy. Thesis (M.A (Religious Studies))--University of Cape Town, 2002. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 104-110).


... 65 Equally, patriarchal Christian ideas and institutions, which hold the allegiance of more than 85% of the population, powerfully influence norms around gender and heteronormativity. 66 Aspects of this are state sanctioned with the criminalising of LGBTQI relationships. The culture of silence on GBV leads to under-reporting and perpetuation of abuse. ...