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Plant traits—the morphological, anatomical, physiological, biochemical and phenological characteristics of plants—determine how plants respond to environmental factors, affect other trophic levels, and influence ecosystem properties and their benefits and detriments to people. Plant trait data thus represent the basis for a vast area of research sp...


... representing most vegetation canopy conditions (e.g., sparse, dense) (Bacour et al., 2006;Houborg et al., 2007). The leaf inclination angle including planophile, spherical, uniform, plagiophile, erectophile, and extremophile types was depicted using average ALA, the range of which was determined by field dataset (Chianucci et al., 2018;Kattge et al., 2020;McNeil et al., 2016;Pisek and Adamson 2020;Raabe et al., 2015). The parameter ranges concerning leaf optical properties were set on the basis of the findings from Bacour et al. (2006), Baret et al. (2007), Campos-Taberner et al. (2016), (Féret et al., 2017), and Weiss and Baret (2016). ...