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Cambridge Core - Natural Resource Management, Agriculture, Horticulture and forestry - The Fundamentals of Horticulture - edited by Chris Bird


... According to Shakouri (2010) As is seen, because all the classifications made for hard landscape design elements cover completely urban furniture, it was considered based on the classification made by Bird (2014) that it would be more appropriate to classify the hard landscape design elements as horizontal elements and vertical elements which would also be compliant with all the works carried out in the recent years. ...
... Plants 2020, 9, 13 2 of 21 contribute towards food security and social stability. Within this scope, applied research on innovative horticultural practices can make effective use of dynamic crop growth models [4] under conditions optimal for plant growth and for eliciting plant response to abiotic stresses [5], therefore, allowing a more rational use of resources, such as water and nutrients [4]. ...