Choo-Hou Goh's research while affiliated with Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman and other places

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El Niño and Southern Oscillation (ENSO) is a natural forcing that affects global climate patterns, thereon influencing freshwater quality and security. In the advent of a strong El Niño warming event in 2016 which induced an extreme dry weather in Malaysia, water quality variation was investigated in Kampar River which supplies potable water to a p...


... On a watershed or basin scale, semi-empirical or deterministic models commonly are used for water quality modelings, such as the soil and water assessment tool (SWAT) , hydrologic simulation program Fortran (HSPF) (Kim, 2018b), water quality analysis simulation program (WASP) (Yang et al., 2012b), and integrated catchment model (INCA) (Whitehead et al., 2015(Whitehead et al., , 2018(Whitehead et al., , 2019b. More specifically, drought and water quality modeling approaches have been presented in studies through empirical regression models (HaRa et al., 2020;Ng et al., 2018), probabilistic numerical methods (Kim et al., 2019a) including copula joint probability distribution (JPD) , and an environmental fluid dynamics code (EFDC) model (Yang et al., 2015;Zhang et al., 2016). Water quality dynamics during flood events have been studied using numerical models such as MIKE (Si et al., 2022a;Li et al., 2017Li et al., , 2018aFeng et al., 2016), CE-QUAL-W2 (Chung and Oh, 2006;Chuo et al., 2019), a dynamics reservoir simulation model (DYRESM) (Wang et al., 2012, environmental fluid dynamics code (EFDC) (Zhang et al., 2013), Eco-Lake (Peng et al., 2021), WASP (Yang et al., 2012a), coupled SWAT, hydrological engineering centers river analysis system (HEC-RAS) (Ma et al., 2020), and HSPF (Quan and Meon, 2015). ...