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We present a synthetic approach to the kinds of housing found in the mountainous Alta Rocca sector of southern Corsica during the late Bronze Age and Early Iron Age. Study of protohistoric non-fortified sites in Corsica is relatively new, but the numerous projects carried out in recent years reveal the structural and developmental complexity of liv...


... The site of Cuciurpula was selected because of its acidic sediment, which is unfavourable to micro-organism activity (DeLaune et al. 1981;Moucawi et al. 1981;Drieu et al. 2018). Twelve potsherds were sampled from this open-air site dating from the end of the Bronze Age to the first half of the Iron Age and situated in the mountainous region of central south Corsica (Serra-di-Scopamena and Sorbollano, France;Peche-Quilichini et al. 2015). In-depth analysis of the ceramic fabric has not yet been carried out, but most of the pottery seems to be made of local granitic earth with a high quantity of non-plastic inclusions of variable grain size (Peche-Quilichini 2010). ...