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This study examines how female politicians are using Instagram to present themselves to the electorate and how this affects audience engagement. A manual content analysis was conducted to explore how female politicians, compared to male politicians (N = 40), use Instagram in terms of visual self-presentation, the use of masculine and feminine issue...


... Prior research has demonstrated that factors such as gender, personality traits, and emotional well-being shape the content and aesthetics of images shared by social media users (Reece & Danforth, 2017;Kim & Kim, 2018). In the case of politicians, factors like gender and political affiliations impact how they present themselves on social media platforms (Brands et al., 2021;Xi et al., 2020). Furthermore, disinformation accounts employed by the Internet Research Agency tailor their visual framing strategies, using profile images with distinct demographic characteristics and aesthetics to appeal to specific propaganda target groups (Bastos et al., 2021). ...