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The framework presented in this article demonstrates strategies for a global approach to e-curricula in dental education by considering a collection of outcome assessment tools. By combining the outcomes for overall assessment, a global model for a pilot project that applies e-assessment tools to virtual learning environments (VLE), including hapti...


... E-learning has several benefits: access to a greater variety of learning materials, flexible learning environment with control over the pace and accessibility of learning, more adaptive than traditional teaching methods alone and offering increased visualization. Additionally, it offers educators with an easily updatable multimedia platform for interactive teaching and improved cognitive skills (Salajan et al. 2009;Wright and Hendricson 2010;Maggio et al. 2012;Arevalo et al. 2013;Patil et al. 2015;Chavarria-Bolaños et al. 2020;Movchun et al. 2021). ...