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Coffee rust is a leaf disease caused by the fungus, Hemileia vastatrix. Coffee rust epidemics, with intensities higher than previously observed, have affected a number of countries including: Colombia, from 2008 to 2011; Central America and Mexico, in 2012–13; and Peru and Ecuador in 2013. There are many contributing factors to the onset of these e...


... The stressors related to climatic conditions (TP equal to 12) also increased, and the pressure over the entire watershed increased over the production and environmental conditions. The variability of climate was associated with the appearance of pests and diseases in crops; specifically, the rising temperature triggered the sprawl of coffee rust that shocked the AFSES in 2015 (Avelino et al. 2015); it spread massively and provoked diminished productivity. Coffee rust affected the production and environmental conditions of the AFSES in the entire basin, which suffered irreversible and immediate damage resulting in partially paralyzed activities on the plots. ...