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The objective of this report is to highlight the critical role of the oceans and ocean ecosys­ tems in maintaining our climate and in assisting policy makers to mainstream an oceans agenda into national and international climate change initiatives. While emissions’ re­ ductions are currently at the centre of the climate change discussions, the crit...


... Increasing atmospheric greenhouse gases that drive global climate change have far more detrimental environmental and health effects over decades, it is often overshadowed by the catastrophic threat of term climate change itself. Conservation, management and restoration of mangrove forests under the blue carbon (C) initiative (alongside seagrasses and saltmarshes) (Nelleman et al. 2008, Pendleton et al. 2012 have received immense international attention that can help in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Mangrove forests have been well documented for keeping up with sea-level rise (Alongi 2008, Kirwan and Megonigal 2013, Lovelock et al. 2015 and storing a large amount of C in the form of biomass and detritus (Hamilton and Friess 2018, Kauffman et al. 2020. ...