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In Catalonia, the introduction of modern sports in the late 19th century was considered tantamount to a quest to modernise society. Clubs organised by civil society played a key role in consolidating sports as both practice and entertainment, and in league with Catalanism these clubs sought to put forth Barcelona's candidacy to host the 1924 Olympi...


... In Catalonia, sport has always been related to modernity and a civil society self-organisation. In the late 19 th century, new vision of sport had a considerable impact in Catalan society, alongside more traditional games such as skittles, tipcat, tug-of-war, and certain ball games, along with footraces, nautical races with small boats and animal races, thanks to the role played by clubs in consolidating sports as both exercise and entertainment (Santacana, 2014). A number of sporting clubs and associations were created during that period of time, following the need of institutionalisation. ...