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Lamprophyres represent hydrous alkaline mantle melts that are a unique source of information about the composition of continental lithosphere. Throughout southwest Britain, post-Variscan lamprophyres are (ultra)potassic with strong incompatible element enrichments. Here we show that they form two distinct groups in terms of their Sr and Nd isotopic...


... Those rocks have been interpreted as a record of Rheic subduction (Berthelsen 1992;Franke and Oncken 1995;Meisl 1995). Since the RH belt adjacent to the north reveals neither flysch sediments nor forelandtype tectonic deformation of Silurian age, Franke and Oncken concluded that subduction was directed towards the north (see also Dijkstra and Hatch 2018 for the English segment of the RH belt). The Silurian magmatic rocks of the Taunus Mountains represent a northern Rheic Arc. ...