C L Porto da Silveira's research while affiliated with Instituto de Radioproteção e Dosimetria and other places

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Concentrations of Al, Cd, Cr, Cu, Mn, Ni, Pb, U and Zn were determined in vegetables (leafy vegetables, fruit, root, grain and cereal), derived products (sugar, coffee, manioc flour, wheat flour, corn flour, and pasta) and animal products (meat, fish, milk) most frequently consumed by adult inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro city. A total of 90 samples...


... HMs' high poisonousness, endurance, and bioavailability in the river water ecosystem are regarded as the most harmful chemical pollutants (Han et al. 2021;Lao et al. 2019;Ali et al. 2018;Bhuyan and Bakar 2017a;Islam et al. 2012). Since their increased trend in sediments, water, and fish, metal contamination has become a worldwide problem (Ahsan et al. 2018;Bhuyan et al. 2017Bhuyan et al. , 2019Burger and Gochfeld 2005;Santos et al. 2004). River water pollution has been exacerbated by rapid industrialization, haphazard urbanization, and indiscriminate population development (Bhuyan and Bakar 2017b;Hajeb et al. 2009;Islam et al. 2017). ...