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This paper presents results from analysing spectroscopic and multicolour photometric observations of the neglected semi-detached eclipsing binary system IO Ursae Majoris (IO UMa). For the first time, the orbital parameters of the system and fundamental physical properties of its components were determined from simultaneous analysis of BVR light cur...


... 3 All those systems for which we could not find L 2 /L 1 but for which we have got their data are solved in this study using the Wilson-Devinney code (Wilson & van Hamme 2014) in the usual way (e.g. Soydugan et al. 2013;Bakış, Yücel & Bakış 2018). Since the light and radial-velocity curves of all these 33 systems have already been analysed in the literature, the effective temperature of the primary (T 1 ) and the mass ratios of the system (q) were adopted from Table 2 and kept fixed during the analysis. ...